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"Technology is best when it brings people together."

Changing the Patient Experience requires a clever merging of the world of high tech equipment and innovative design. The creation of a “High Touch” healing environment promotes harmony of mind, body, and spirit; and studies have shown this can promote faster healing.



A patient is more than their illness or medical exam they are having. In today’s healthcare environment facilities must be designed for the spiritual, mental and emotional needs of the patient as well as for treating their illness. Successful healthcare facilities understand that patients expect the best equipment, however, it is the experience they will remember and tell their friends about. Healthcare executives will tell you that they don’t typically get a patient comment card that says the equipment wasn’t good enough. It’s all about the experience the patient had while they were at the facility.

Innovative design can reduce patient stress levels which can directly relate to recovery time, overall satisfaction, and the reduction of health care costs. Creating an exceptional patient experience reminds us to not lose sight of what we are here for… To provide the best possible experience for a patient and family who may be going through a very difficult time.

Illuminations Serene Ambient Lighting

The bright lights of a traditional facility are often harsh and overly bright.  Ambient lighting solutions offer a calming wash of color that compliments the theme of the room and help create a sense of calm for the patient. Illuminations Serene has proven to be an extremely popular solution for both patients and staff alike.  

Illuminations Motions Projection

Patients are able to choose a theme from a library of motions that project on the gantry as a pleasant distraction before and during the procedure.  Animations include beautiful nature images, pediatric images, holiday images, and more. Projections can be added to any vendor's existing equipment or become part of new construction and equipment acquisition.   No hardware touches the equipment gantry allowing for ease of equipment service and updates.

Illuminations Horizons Monitors

Illuminations Horizons brings your walls and ceilings to life in an exciting new way.

As easy as 1..2..3, a patient can select what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, all with the click of a button. Patients can also see their loved ones, play their favorite music, or watch the latest blockbuster through their phone and wirelessly transmit it to the Illuminations Horizons for viewing.


Features include:


  • Real-time media content selectable through an iPad.


  • Play pictures, photos, music, and movies directly from your phone to the I-Horizon’s display.


  • Stream online content (additional hardware needed).

Ceiling Skylights

Create a more relaxing, comforting atmosphere for patients and their families. The long-lasting and durable LED panels can be arranged in an array of shapes to transform ceilings and walls to works of art.  As the patient looks up, he or she will see a spectacular scene rather than plain, white ceiling panels.  

Illuminations Expressions

Bring designs and spaces to life with expressive color and dynamic content which will engage both pediatrics and adults in a way like no other. The completely modular design freedom allows the system to fit the vision of your facility through dynamic content which can be modified to complement every interior setting. From vibrant splashes of color to tranquil modes, the themes are endless!

Key benefits:


  • WiFi and ethernet connection allows any local or remote device to securely and easily manage the system


  • Match any color and display a full range of 16.7 million colors (including white)


  • Store and download content and apps from anywhere via our integrated cloud community


  • With the thinnest, lightest weight solution on the market, our tiles do not require remodeling or bulky wall reinforcements


Illuminations Signage

Illuminations Signage digital display software helps deliver your message like no other solution!  Engaging imagery, dynamic walls, vibrant signage, easy to follow waypoint, and more, all at your fingertips.


The easy to manage solution allows end users to update content in real time on their local system, or over the network. Manage your media and text with software your team is familiar with, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, or edit your media within our award-winning application. 

Illuminations connecT Lighting Solutions

Our Illuminations connecT fixture is a feature-rich ambient offering which has a much lower price point than any other solution available in the healthcare market today. Illuminations connecT is a combination of both visual and audio elements, comes in a multitude of different sizes and shapes and can be mounted on ceilings or walls.  

Interactive Projections

Illuminations Interactive is an exciting solution that combines engaging imagery and crisp motion tracking into a single system. With almost 80 interactive elements available there is no end to the fun that can be displayed on floors, walls, tabletops, and just about anywhere a flat surface is available. Each effect is configurable and allows you to insert your own custom backgrounds and logos allowing you to always keep your company’s branding at the forefront while children and adults are being entertained.

Illuminations Interactive can also be custom designed to your needs, which gives endless possibilities of fun to your visitors.